Chicken Agrodolce with Creamy Grits


This dinner is incredible.

Chicken Agrodolce (which means “sweet and sour” in Italian) is a lighter take on Chicken Marbella which I had no idea of until my best foodie friends clued me in.

So now I’m dying to make the Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella – though it’s not as healthy as the Cooking Light recipe.

The grits are made with 2% milk and come out creamy and absolutely delicious – it’s also the perfect pillow for the chicken and sweet ‘n sour sauce.

The sweet comes from the raisins while the sour comes from the red wine vinegar and olives.

I loved the combination of briny + sweet.

Leave the skin on the chicken so that it becomes a little crispy – the taste is simply divine.

This recipe really requires minimal work – slicing of the olives, grating of the garlic, and chopping of the parsley.

We literally licked our plates clean – I’m glad we didn’t have dinner guests over.

But seriously – this meal is perfect for entertaining or for a simple night at home with your family.

I’m begging you to make this dinner – it’s that good.

And if you don’t think you like olives or raisins, I think you’re wrong.  And I think this recipe will change your mind.

Who’s going to try it? 


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