Friendsgiving {young adult supper club}

I’ve always wanted to host a Friendsgiving.  And this past Friday night, my wish finally came true.

Big Guy and I are part of a group of young adults and we have a Supper Club four times a year.  Well, this quarter it was my turn to host along my one of my bests, Marlo.

Marlo and I are the perfect pair when it comes to planning a party – we both love food (though she lets me think I’m in charge of the food) and we both love to host parties (she’s the decorator between the two of us – I don’t mind being told what to do).

Our menu came together beautifully and the Chef more than impressed me with the final product!


Since Thanksgiving was less than a week after our dinner, we decided to go more “non traditional” with the menu and put a spin on traditional Thanksgiving food with our appetizers.

cheese ball

All three of the appetizers were to-die-for, but I think the “tator tot” wins as the favorite of the group.


The beer cheese soup was by far my favorite of the night.  The pecan oat crumble was perfection against the silky soup.  I’ve asked the Chef to put this on the menu so that everyone else can try it.


The salad course is the one course I put the least amount of thought into when I was discussing the menu with the Chef.  But I loved all the flavors – the only thing I would have changed would be to have feta or goat cheese instead of blue.


The pork chop was cooked perfectly and I loved how my idea of “deconstructed green bean casserole” turned out.  To go with the entree, Marlo and I paired a fantastic California Pinot Noir with the dish.


And if the dinner couldn’t get any more delicious, Chef Eric blew it out of the water with the cheesecake baked apple.  Incredible.

We are incredibly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends.  And it was so much fun to kick-off the holiday season by spending an evening socializing with them all.

Happy Friendsgiving!


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