Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y’all!  Just a few hours stand between me and a fun weekend.  My parents are coming for a weekend visit and we have lots of delicious food planned plus a fun adventure and some crafts.  Yes, crafts.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  Here are my favorites from the week:


Favorite Cozy:  Cranberry Pot Roast.  When I hear “pot roast” I think of Sunday.  And how comforting would this be on a Sunday?

Favorite Colorful:  Fall Harvest Salad.   So pretty!  And I can’t get over the combo of feta cheese + pomegranate seeds + marcona almonds.


Favorite Fashion:  Holiday High/Low Mix.  I love this look of mixing casual and dressy.


Favorite Bite:  Mini Beef Wellingtons.  I love anything “mini” – these are no exception.


Favorite Slurp:  Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Smoothie.  Smoothies have come back into the rotation lately and I need to spice them up with a little pumpkin + cinnamon.


Favorite Date Night Dinner:  Sausage and Kale Baked Gnocchi.  This just looks so good.  That is all.


Favorite Fun with Food:  18 National Flags Made from Each Country’s Traditional Foods.   Very cool.


Favorite Flavors:  Chocolate Sweet Potato Layer Cake with Molasses Buttercream.   I’m not going to lie – this recipe intimidates me.


Favorite Dinner for One (or Two):  Lemon-y Cheesy Spaghetti Squash.  This has meatless Monday written all over it.


Favorite Spiked:  Black Peppercorn + Cranberry Shrub with Gin.    Tart and sweet with a little bit of spice.  The perfect holiday sip.




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