Lebanese Peppers

The beach is one of my favorite places in the world.  And while adore the beach in the summer, I’ve grown to love the beach during the fall more and more over the past decade.  Big Guy and I spent the past long weekend at the beach and I promise to share some of our adventures later in the week.  But while I’m soaking up the last moments of my four-day weekend {insert Drift coffee date here} let me share a dinner from last week.

{Lebanese Peppers}

Our bell peppers are still growing strong in our garden and I am not going to complain one bit.  (So are our herbs and cukes!)

While I love stuffed peppers, I haven’t made them in quite a while.  In Lebanese cooking, herbs and spices are very important as is the freshness of the ingredients.

In this particular recipe,  ground allspice, cinnamon, fresh parsley, oregano and crushed red pepper are used for flavor along with garlic and onion.

The recipe called for beef though in Lebanese cooking, red meat is typically lamb or goat.  We opted to use bison for our peppers.

The base of the sauce is crushed tomatoes and gets it’s creaminess for a last-minute addition of 2% Greek yogurt.

The flavors were so unique with a little bit of warmth from the spices and brightness from the fresh parsley and lemon juice.

These stuffed peppers are different in that there is no cheese in the recipe and I also have never made stuffed peppers where the meat goes into the peppers raw (hence the longer cooking time on these peppers).

Flavorful and filling.  The perfect fall dinner – using summer produce.


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