Warm Brussels Caesar with Bacon and Ciabatta Croutons

And it’s still rainy and dreary out…

But I honestly can’t complain.  My brother and sister-in-law live in Columbia, SC and they are getting hammered.  My thoughts and prayers are with them and my family at OIB and Sunset.

Despite the rain, it was a wonderful weekend – my baby brother came into town and despite not being able to swing the golf club due to the weather, we ate, watched football, ate some more and watched more football.

Before dinner on Friday night, we shared a couple of apps – goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon made an appearance after months without them plus a sausage and cheese dip (I used sausage instead of beef).  The is perfect for tailgating because it’s made in a crock pot so it’ll probably happen again.  There ended up being a lot left over so we saved it for the tailgate at home on Saturday.

On the menu Friday night, Steaks and Butter (our favorite steak recipe from this book) with Warm Brussels Caesar with Bacon and Ciabatta Croutons.  

Logan adores Caesar salads but I wanted to do something new and different.  We haven’t had Brussels in what seems like forever and this side dish was perfection.

Sauteed brussels are tossed with crisped bacon and a yogurt-based Caesar dressing and then topped with ciabatta croutons.  Lots of croutons.

Oh, man.  Brussels have never tasted so good.

I loved the Caesar dressing – garlicky just the way I like it.  And the croutons were so crunchy.

Bacon + Croutons – nothing bad can come of that combination.


3 thoughts on “Warm Brussels Caesar with Bacon and Ciabatta Croutons

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