Friday Favorites

Happy Rainday, I mean, Friday!  I’m starting to think the rain is never going to end.  We’re on day 8 or 9 of rain (I can’t keep up) and I’m absolutely, positively, over it.  But I am going to be positive.  Today is Friday.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  My little brother is coming to visit. Today is Friday. We have a weekend full of incredible food planned.  Today is Friday.


Did I mention today is Friday?  So here are my favorites from the week!

Favorite PSL:  Pumkin Spice Latte Cookies.  I’m not really into PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes).  I’m more of a coffee with cream kind of girl.  But I’m most definitely a cookie girl.


Favorite Non-Traditional:  Beef Enchiladas with Green Olives and Raisins.  I’m completely intrigued by this one.  But I totally dig anything sweet and salty.


Favorite Upgrade:  The gallery ledge.  Forget the gallery wall.  But don’t worry, Big Guy, I’m not redecorating anything right now.


Favorite Sunday:  Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Pizza.  Because pizza on Sunday is our thang.


Favorite Layers:  Oreo Cookie Layer Cake.  I don’t know a soul that wouldn’t want a bite of this deliciousness.


Favorite Bold:  Swing Peacoat in Pure Blue.  I am so not ready to pull out my winter coats.  But I am so obsessed with this color.


Favorite Flavors:  Creamy Miso Peanut Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  These need to be on the dinner menu.  And soon!


Favorite Side Dish:  Miso Dijon Green Bean Mushroom Salad.   These were almost the side dish for our steaks tonight.  And I must have a thing for miso this today.


Favorite Fall:  Cider Braised Chicken with Spiced Butternut Squash.   Apple Cider > PSLs


Favorite Game Day:  Cajun Chicken Sliders with Beer Battered Onion Rings.    I might need stretchy pants after this sammy.  And onion rings.  Lots of onion rings.


Favorite Fancy:  Fig and Rosemary Sparkling Cocktail.  Only I would go from talking about stretchy pants to fancy cocktails.  It’s how I roll.


Happy Rainday!





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