Tailgate Thursday {caramel apple cream cheese spread plus three other recipes}

Last Saturday’s win was well earned.  By the players and the fans.

In what might be the rainiest game I’ve ever sat through, I cheered the Pirates on to see them victorious over Virginia Tech.

But don’t think a little rain kept us from tailgating.  At 8:30am, the truck was loaded, my rain boots were on my feet and we were ready to hit the road for Greenville.

And by 10am, I was in need of a mimosa.

And around 11:30am, I finally set out the food (I was kind of scared of everything getting wet and being deemed inedible, so I waited longer than usual to set up).

On the menu:

Mimosas and Screwdrivers

Hot Ham and Cheese Party Rolls

Cold Roasted Veggies with Herbed Yogurt Dip

Cream Cheese Sausage Balls

Pirates Booty Popcorn and Nuts

Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Cheese Spread with Pretzels

I was unable to snap a picture of the hot and cheese party rolls but they were incredibly easy to make.  I assembled them the night before by rolling out a Pillsbury pizza crust and layering sliced ham and swiss cheese.  It was rolled up and then sliced.  The rolls were placed in a baking dish and topped with a mixture involving melted butter, mustard, poppy seeds and few other ingredients.  The rolls rested overnight and I simply baked before we headed to the game.  They reminded me a lot of another tailgate favorite.   ( <— better presentation!)

rees veg

The cold roasted veggies and dip were one of my favorites last weekend.  I simply roasted the veggies (red onion, carrots and zucchini) the night before with olive oil, salt and pepper.  After allowing them to cool, I placed them in large ziplock bags making them the perfect transportable snack.  The dip was SO good and I used a mixture of basil, parsley and a little bit of mint.  Be sure to use 2% Greek yogurt – it’s so much richer and creamier.  I promise that I’ll be making this “healthier” tailgate snack again.

I also did not snap a picture of the cream cheese sausage balls.  But I have made them so many times I can’t count.  Whether for football games or Christmas morning, they are a HIT and always a favorite (if not THE favorite).  The secret ingredient is obviously the cream cheese – but I almost always use less Bisquick than the recipe calls for and I’ve used the gluten-free version with lots of luck.  I prepared and baked the sausage balls the night before and then placed them in a ziplock bag.  The next morning, I microwaved them (in the bag, with the top opened) for about 3 minutes then sealed the bag and placed in an insulted cooler.  They were still warm hours later. (p.s. why am I sharing all my secrets with you?!?!)

crm chz caramel

The caramel cream cheese treat was definitively a favorite of the ladies at the tailgate.  And guess what – it couldn’t be easier.  I assembled this one on the spot!  Are you ready for this?  One block of cream cheese.  A drizzle of store-bought caramel sauce.  A sprinkle of toffee bits.  And pretzels for dipping.  Sweet, salty, creaming and totally addictive.

So with a 2-2 record, we head into this Saturday humble and hopeful.  It’s an away game at SMU with a 4pm kick-off.  And I have one word for this at-home tailgate:  RIBS.

It’ll be worth coming back next Thursday for the full menu and recap.


4 thoughts on “Tailgate Thursday {caramel apple cream cheese spread plus three other recipes}

    • These did not – I would go with the other Hawaiian rolls recipe that I linked up in the post. They’re amazing. I also have a portable casserole dish carrier that I use that helps keep them warm, too.

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