SoCo Farm and Food {September 2015 Menu}

After not being able to visit SoCo in August, I was more than ready and excited for our date night at SoCo this past Friday night.  Thankfully I don’t have to worry about missing October because we’re already on the books for our next visit.

This menu was different in that my favorite course ended up being dessert – and that rarely happens.  Especially at SoCo.  Since the menu changes monthly, I thought I’d share with you my eats from Friday night.


Triple J organic spaghetti squash, dry-cured olive, Holly Grove Farms goat cheese, ancho chili, lemon vinaigrette, crushed rice cracker

salad course

I loved this salad!  So different than the typical green salad (though no salad at SoCo is typical).  This was served cold/room temperature and I loved the texture that the crackers brought to the dish.  My favorite bites were those including goat cheese and olives.


Wood-roasted Triple J Farms organic Kubocha squash chowder, ginger creme fraiche, Cardinal Pine Farms hop oil


Such a unique chowder.  And I loved that it was a chowder instead of a soup – the texture was perfect.  The crushed marcona almonds were a lovely addition as was the creme fraiche.


Wood-fired Brittany Ridge Farm Cornish Game Hen, wood-roasted Triple J Farms potatoes, rosemary veloute, cumin caramel


What’s hilarious about this course is that Jeremy assumed Big Guy ordered this dish and gave me two Cornish hens.  I’m a good wife and happily shared one of the hens with Big Guy.  The sauce was incredible but I wished that the potatoes and/or the chicken skin had been a little crispier.  Big Guy ordered the gnocchi and it was too die for.


Fennel Donut with espresso custard, Italian meringue, smoked Miriam Lewis’ pecans

Bacon cheesecake with bourbon cherries and imperial stout caramel

That donut is something I will dream about for months to come.  So good.  Like the best dessert I’ve ever had at SoCo.  Big Guy equally loved his cheesecake – sweet and savory.  And bubbles.  Because life is worth celebrating.

Don’t forget – you can get SoCo delivered to your door!!!!!


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