jalapeño-pineapple pizza with bourbon bbq drizzle

I’m not sure when Pizza Sunday became a tradition but I am sure that I don’t want it to end.  This particular pizza recipe comes from one of my favorite bloggers turned cookbook authors.  Her recipes are some of my favorites and I can always count on her for amazing appetizers and fantastic pizza recipes.

For this pizza, I used her favorite pizza crust recipe (also in the book but here’s a link to another pizza crust recipe of hers) subbing bread flour for all-purpose flour.  It was an experiment and it worked phenomenally.  The crust  was tender and doughy without being too thick.   This is our all-time favorite crust.

There isn’t a sauce for this pizza.  Instead the dough is drizzled with olive oil before piling on the caramelized shallots, shredded mozzarella, pineapple chunks, jalapeno slices, feta and a homemade bourbon-vanilla BBQ sauce.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Bourbon-vanilla BBQ sauce.  It was weird and totally fun to eat.  The base of the BBQ sauce is ketchup (duh!) and bourbon.  The secret ingredient is a splash of vanilla extract plus the seeds from a vanilla pod.  So much flavor.  And yes, this pizza is meatless but you totally won’t miss the meat.  And if you’re afraid you will, throw on some bacon or some shredded chicken.  Pepperoni would be tasty, too.

This pizza had so many flavors.  Spicy jalapeno, sweet pineapple, salty feta, bourbon-vanilla BBQ sauce that’s so weird yet so right.  And the perfect pizza crust.

Pizza Sunday, I love you.


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