Tailgate Thursday {jalapeño honey hummus with spiced olive oil tortilla chips + wonder wings with buttery Nashville hot sauce}

Tailgates aren’t just for home games!  Big Guy and I love to have mini-tailgates at home, even if it’s just the two of us.  When talk of the Pirates playing in the Swamp first started Big Guy had big plans of us going to that game on the road.  But in the end, we just couldn’t make it happen with our busy schedules.  At the end of the day, I’m kind of glad we weren’t in Florida because holy rain buckets – it was a messy, wet game in the Swamp (how appropriate!).

I’m fairly certain that the neighbors (10 doors down) could hear Big Guy screaming and hollering at the television but it was a great game to watch.  The Pirates put up quite a fight and despite a loss, they really gave me hope for this next game.  (My brothers and Dad should be so proud of my football talk.)

In between all of the jumping around and yelling, there were delicious bites of food!

Hummus may not sound exciting enough for a football Saturday but when you had roasted jalapenos and honey, I promise it’s good enough.  And then you add homemade tortilla chips to the mix and you have yourself a dippin’ good time.  The hummus is so easy to make thanks to your food processor and tahini + olive oil makes it incredibly silky, smooth.  The chips were super crunchy and flavorful and I added a new spice to my massive spice collection thanks to these babies – dried jalapeno pepper.

To wash the hummus and chips down (and to make Big Guy more tolerable), a Pirate Salty Dog (simply blueberry puree + fresh grapefruit juice + vodka and a salted rim).

Later on in the game, we cooked the most traditional football/tailgate food I can think of – WINGS!  But these were wonder wings.

I made two different sauces for the wings but there was surely a favorite of the two.  I recommend tossing your wonder wings with Buttery Nashville Hot Sauce – finger lickin’ good.  (The other wings were good – but we couldn’t get over the smell of the fish sauce that overtook the entire house.)

This weekend we face Navy in another away game at 3:30pm on Saturday.  I’m busy planning my tailgate menu – listen for Big Guy’s yelling because we’re apparently taking this tailgate to the backyard.


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