In honor of my upcoming birthday…

In one week I will turn 32 years young.  Thirty two.  When did that happen?

In honor of my upcoming birthday, here are 32 highlights from my last trip around the sun!

1. A long weekend in Tampa, Florida to see the Pirates play football.

2.  Continuing my love affair with red wine.


3. Date nights at home with Big Guy.


4. Becoming “Aunt Emmy” to a baby boy, Deacon.


5. My best friend coming to spend a weekend with me.


6. Gameday’s with friends.


7. Thanksgiving with my sister-in-laws.


8. Another gorgeous Christmas tree.


9. A local performance of “A Christmas Carol.”  (a must-do for all my locals)


10. Ladies night!


11. Benvenue Christmas Party!


12. Christmas Morning Traditions.


13. Celebrating New Years Eve and Big Guy’s 32nd birthday with friends.



15. #wineanddinesonoma


16.  Sonoma deserves two highlight slots.


17. 24 hours in San Fran.


18. Supper Club nights.


19. A weekend in Charlotte for Deacon’s baptism.


20. Double-date night at Straw Valley (so sad it’s not open anymore).


21. Having my parents in town for the weekend and taking them to our favorite restaurant.


22. GNO


23. Easter Weekend at OIB.


24. Our new (duck-free) living room.


25. Celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in Miami.


26. Discovering how happy fresh flowers make me.


27. Monthly shipments from Iron Horse.


28. Memorial Day weekend with the family at OIB.


29. Kat’s bachelorette weekend in Nashville.


30. Member-Guest Weekend


31. Sister weekend.


32.  Flamingo Fling


Cheers to make even more memories on my next trip around the sun!



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