Potato, Mushroom and Leek Croquettes

Despite still getting up at 4:15am for a workout, I am in full vacation mode.  I typically don’t let work get to me but the past month or so has been a little stressful and left me feeling anxious.  I’m leaving all that behind for the next 6 days while I enjoy relaxing in the sun, sipping cold cocktails and just unwinding a bit.  But before I get too relaxed, I wanted to share our dinner from Tuesday night.

Big Guy let me know that there were some leeks ready to be pulled in the garden so I made sure to include them in our dinner menu for the week.

The end product (Potato, Mushroom and Leek Croquettes) was delicious and satisfying but I did have to do a little quick thinking on my feet while making the croquettes.

This recipe is a little involved – but I totally knew that going into the recipe and that wasn’t the problem.  Unfortunately when the potatoes and mushroom/leek mixture and cheese were mixed and ready to be formed into croquettes, they were way too watery.  There was no way we could shape them and then dredge them through flour and panko.  I think part of the problem was not letting the potatoes or the mushroom/leek mixture cool before combining (and the recipe did not tell you to allow them to cool).  So instead of dredging the croquettes, I simply added the flour (I used rice flour) and the panko to the croquette mixture and pattied everything together.

Taste wise I do not think the recipe suffered, however, it did not get the intended crust that you would expect from dredging through panko.

leeks mushrooms

The croquettes still turned out pretty and were perfectly browned on the outside.  Upon first bite they reminded me so much of Thanksgiving dressing/stuffing.  But the more I ate them, the more I was able to decipher the potato and Gruyere flavors.

I served the croquettes on a simple salad which was a mixture of lettuce and red onion tossed with 2 teaspoons of red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon olive oil plus salt and pepper.

Incredibly light and despite a detour from the recipe, delicious!




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