ABCs of Emily

Good morning, friends!  It’s a short but crazy week around here so I’m lacking on a recipe to share with you today.  So I stole this survey from Jen.  And if surveys aren’t your thing – I’ll be back soon with a recipe.

A – Age: 31.  But only until the end of the money.

B – Biggest Fear: Let’s be honest, I’m afraid of my own shadow.  But a funny fear of mine is squirrels.

C – Current Time: 12:21pm (Monday lunch break!)

D – Drink You Had Last: La Croix.  I’m obsessed.

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: I’d have to say my Momma.

F – Favorite Song: Currently:  Thinking Outloud by Ed Sheeran.

G – Grossest Memory: Being pooped on by a seagull at the beach.

H – Hometown: I was born in Charlotte, NC and grew up in Weddington, NC.

I –  In Love With: Traveling.

J – Jealous Of: I try not to be jealous.  But I do find myself being envious of others and I blame Instagram on that.

K – Kindest Person You Know: my friend, Kristen.  She’s almost too nice.

L – Life Isn’t Complete Without: Champagne!

M – Middle Name: By birth – Lauren but I kept my maiden name and got rid of my middle name when I got married so now it’s Bell

N – Number of Siblings: 3

O – One Wish: To go on a family vaca next year to a new-to-us beach.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: A lady that works at Bedside Manor in Charlotte.  I took some pillows home for our living room and I needed to give her my credit card number so they could officially be mine.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “How do you get up that early?”  And the answer – you just get used to the alarm going off at 4:15am.

R – Reason To Smile: 

S – Song You Last Sang: “Dance, dance, dance.  Too much booty in your pants.” You asked.

T – Time You Woke Up: 4:15am.

U – Underwear Color: Why is underwear always in the survey? Makes no sense. I’m changing it to “University.”  East Carolina University – Go Pirates!!!!

V – Vacation Destination: Anywhere and everywhere.  But Italy and Spain have earned a spot at the top of the list.

W – Worst Habit: Picking my nails.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Lots and lots of x-rays of my mouth/teeth.

Y – Your Favorite Food: How is that even possible?  Cheese, nut butter, pizza, salmon…  My favorite food is food.

Z – Zodiac Sign: Virgo: the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be). {source}


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