Tomato and Avocado Stack

“Poach an egg” should be added to my list from yesterday.  

I had every intention of there being a poached egg on top of my tomato and avocado stack.  I watched a video.  I read a few articles.  And after trying to poach all the eggs in the fridge, I gave up.

I’m fairly certain that my water wasn’t hot enough.  There’s a fine line between “simmer” and “boil.”

Regardless – the stack was delicious and super simple.  And instead of an egg, I paired some yogurt on the side for a little protein.

I missed the egg but it wasn’t like I didn’t try.

A tomato is sliced and then layered with avocado slices.  Instead of olive tapenade, I simply chopped up a few olives and arranged them on the stack.  A hefty sprinkle pepper and salt rounded out the plate along with a couple of sliced cherry tomatoes and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

I honestly don’t know how a poached egg would have balanced on top – that last tomato was sliding quite a bit.

Every time I see or hear about a poached egg, I tell myself that I’m going to master that technique in the kitchen.  And after my “fail” with this dinner, more than ever do I want to learn.

I received a few tips including salt the water and add vinegar, so wish me luck!


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