Hot Cheesy Corn Dip

Y’all – we are plowing through our corn stash way too fast.  But I can’t help myself!

This appetizer + that cocktail = the perfect “appy” hour

And we all know that’s my favorite hour ever.

This appetizer is everything you want – a little spicy, addicting and insanely cheesy.

I literally had to walk away so that I wouldn’t eat too many bites.

corn dip

And it doesn’t photograph well – like most dips.

But I can’t not share this dip because you HAVE to make it.

This weekend.

In the mix: corn, onions and bell pepper that are sautéed in a little butter (and I have to brag – the corn, onions and bell pepper were all from our garden), jalapeno and garlic, a little mayo for creaminess, and CHEESE.  All the cheese – but seriously, a mixture of cheddar and monterey jack.  Everything is baked until bubbly and warm.

It’s perfection.  Unless you eat it straight out of the oven – and then it just burns your mouth.

But that’s your fault.  Not mine.

Corn + Cheese = everything




4 thoughts on “Hot Cheesy Corn Dip

  1. Yummy! I just love your blog! I’m a distant cousin of your sweet Chris! My Mom and his Grandmother Becky are BFF’s! I just saw Becky yasterday! Love that lady, she and Mom are the quintessential southern ladies. I live in South Carolina and raise grass fed beef and pastured pork, so I love your recipes. Thanks for all you do!

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