Grilled Bean and Cheese Stuffed Poblanos

I made an amateur mistake and found myself washing my hands with olive oil** at nine o’clock on Monday night.

You see, poblanos are considered “mild.”  But take that with a grain of salt.

The seeds pack a punch.  A punch of heat.  Instead of using a knife/spoon/gloves to scrape out the seeds of the poblanos, I used my hands.

And therefore paid for it the entire evening.  My nail beds and the top of my right hand pulsated late into the night.

But don’t let that keep you from making grilled bean and cheese stuffed poblanos.  Just learn from my mistakes.

Scrape out the seeds and membrane using something other than your hands or wear a disposable glove (and yes, we keep a stash in the kitchen for jalapenos but I wasn’t thinking).


The poblanos are stuffed with a mixture of pinto beans, corn, chopped celery (adds the best crunch!), shredded cheddar cheese, salt and pepper.

Once the peppers are stuffed, secure the tops of the peppers back on the body of the pepper using a tooth pick.

Grill until lightly charred, turning once.

Grilling the poblanos mellows the heat of the peppers while the cheese gets gooey and melty and delicious.  I loved using pinto beans instead of the more popular black bean.  And the corn was sweet and gave so much flavor.

Obviously my favorite bites involved cheese and corn.

**And I’m not lying about the olive oil part.  After trying to fall asleep and being able to concentrate on nothing but my burning hands, I researched how to get rid of the pain.  Apparently rubbing olive oil in your hands (or wherever the pain may be) for about a minute helps dissolve the capsaicin so that it can be rinsed away.  The burning didn’t completely go away immediately but it did calm down enough so that I could fall asleep.

Let’s not talk about putting my contacts in my eyes on Tuesday morning, though.


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