Strawberry Basil Ginger Cocktail

I hope you don’t mind easing into the work week with a cocktail.

This past weekend was extra sweet and I am so excited that I’ll get to see my sister two more times over the next three weeks.

On Friday night we got dressed up and headed out to a wine dinner.

We sipped and savored our way through a 5-course menu.  The wines featured were from Sonoma and Napa and each course had dueling food and wine.  So much food.

In the end, Sonoma won!

On Saturday we slept in and then headed straight to the pool for some sun and relaxation.  It was perfection.

We made all our food and cocktail decisions before heading to the pool and when a storm started brewing, we knew it was time to head home for cocktail hour.

We ultimately decided on the Strawberry Basil Ginger cocktail and it was a wise decision indeed.

Fresh strawberries are blended with basil and then mixed with vodka and ginger ale for the most refreshing and light fruity drink.

We used Blenheim Ginger Ale and I loved the kick from the ginger.

Maggie and I don’t get weekends together like this very often and I tried to savor every moments.  We ate, we drank, we laughed and we simply enjoyed each others company.

There’s something truly special about a sister.  We can go weeks (sometimes months) without seeing one another and yet we pick right back up where we left off.



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