Watermelon Mojitos, Plantain Chips, and Cubans

Saturday was National Mojito Day.  And I obviously had to celebrate.

Little known fact:  A mojito was the first cocktail I ever made from scratch – AKA not just pouring juice in a cup with alcohol.

We kind of took National Mojito Day to a whole new level.  Not only did we have mojitos but we turned the entire afternoon/evening into a Cuban-inspired day.

The Watermelon Mojitos earned themselves a spot in the top five mojitos I’ve ever had.  And to make sure my mojito was never watered down by melting ice, I froze watermelon puree in ice cube trays.  Big Guy thought I was pretty brilliant.  Incredibly refreshing and perfectly sweet.

After some competitive corn hole, we cleaned ourselves up so that we could have a Cuban “appy” hour.  On the menu:  plantain chips with guacamole.  

I seriously cannot describe how amazing these little bites were.  Plantains were sliced thin using a mandoline and then fried until crispy.  The guacamole was a simple mash-up (literally) of avocados, garlic, lime juice and cilantro.  I think I ate my weight in plantains.

If the day couldn’t get any more delicious, we had plans for Cuban Sandwiches – complete with homemade Cuban bread, homemade peach mustard and crock-pot Cuban pork.

I’m certain we used every appliance in our kitchen on Saturday.

cuban bread

I can’t get over how amazing homemade bread tastes.  And it makes your house smell amazing.  It was super crusty on the outside but soft and doughy on the inside.  We’ve been impressing ourselves in the bread department these past couple of weekends.

No Cuban is complete without mustard and pickles.  We put a Southern twist on the sandwich with homemade peach mustard.  Yes, you can make mustard at home and it’s so easy.  Sweet and tangy.  And the perfect complement to the savory pork, ham and Swiss cheese.


Pictures don’t do this sandwich justice.  I ate myself into a food coma.  #allthecarbs

Crusty bread
Sour, crunchy pickles
Tender, slow-cooked pork
Salty ham
Sweet and tangy peach mustard
Sharp Swiss cheese

And while we might have had a simple day at home on Saturday, in my mind I was in Havana.


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