Homemade BLT

This is not your #basic BLT.  This BLT is a labor of love.  And a week in the making.

My heart smiles when I see that platter of Build Your Own BLTs.

It all started with a pork belly two weekends ago in which we used half for burgers and we decided to make the other half into bacon.  After a week curing in the fridge it was ready for the smoker.  After about 90 minutes, it was ready to sizzle in a pan until crisp.


So we have the “B” covered…

We also made homemade bread for the BLTs.  Thanks to a little help from a friend (having a chef friend is always a good thing) I was armed with a recipe and confident that we would have sandwich bread for our BLTs.


And it turned out beautifully!  I have to say, I’m about as proud of the bread as I am the bacon.


There are few things in life that smell as good as fresh baked bread.

And while Big Guy loves Duke’s Mayo, we opted to make our own (because WHY NOT?!?!).

Mayo is so easy to make.  Big Guy and I first made mayo from scratch about three years ago and then again last 4th of July weekend at a cooking class.  The base is egg yolks, a little honey, the juice from half a lemon and then stream in 1 cup of oil.  I folded in some fresh parsley at the end for a punch of freshness.

Unfortunately our tomatoes aren’t quite ready to make an appearance on a sandwich (we planted a little late this year) but our friends gifted us two gorgeous heirloom tomatoes for our BLTs.  And the lettuce is by no means local – straight from the grocery store.  The heat in NC doesn’t make for fresh, crisp lettuce in the summer.


Two hearty slices of homemade bread slathered with homemade herb mayo and then topped with lettuce, tomato slices and bacon.

Served with a slice of watermelon on the side.

I’ve never been more proud of a sandwich in my life.

And I have to say, our hard work paid off.




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