{vegan} Banana Pecan Muffins

Please don’t get the wrong impression.  I’m not vegan and I don’t plan on becoming vegan or vegetarian anytime soon.

I’m an “everything in moderation” girl.

But I do love to experiment.  And when there are three brown bananas staring at you on the kitchen counter, you take that as your excuse to experiment with banana muffins.

It didn’t hurt that guests were coming into town – and no Southern gal goes without having freshly baked goods for house guests.

In this recipe, vegan means no eggs.  So instead of eggs, ground flax is mixed with water and a little baking powder.

It actually works wonders.

And in stead of sugar, this recipe uses maple syrup and touch of molasses.  Molasses add so much flavor.  And a little cinnamon and nutmeg love anything involving bananas.

Pecans are everything in the South but if you can’t use pecans (gasp!) feel free to substitute walnuts or almonds.  Fantastic taste and texture.

You may be expecting dry muffins because they’re “healthified” – but they’re not, thanks to the flax-egg and coconut oil.

These are perfect with a hot cup of coffee and some fresh berries.

But be sure to warm up the muffin.  Just trust me.



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