Grilled Zucchini Caprese Stacks

Summer is officially here.

And the garden is finally starting to deliver some homegrown goodness.  On Sunday, Big Guy picked two huge zucchini from the garden and I couldn’t wait to put them on the plate for dinner on Monday. 

zucchini stacks

Zucchini slices are sprinkled with salt and pepper before grilling until tender.  While Big Guy manned the grill, I prepped the other ingredients.

I sliced two gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and a mozzarella.  I also prepped the balsamic drizzle – a combination of EVOO, balsamic glaze and garlic plus a little salt and pepper.

Once the zucchini was grilled, simply layer all the ingredients.  Tomato slice, zucchini slice, mozzarella, more zucchini, tomato and I ended with a zucchini slice.

Once stacked, drizzle the entire platter with the balsamic dressing and then sprinkle with fresh basil.

Summer never tasted so delicious.


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