Friday Favorites

Schoooool’s out for the summer!!!!

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But I’m not.  Whomp Whomp!

But I love summertime so-so much and am excited that we have a plan-free weekend ahead (the first in over a month).  I’m looking forward to hanging around the house, getting a much-needed massage (!!!), catching some rays at the pool while reading a good book and just spending some quality time with Big Guy.

Here are some of my favorites from the week!

Favorite Cooking Adventure:  Goat Cheese-Stuffed Fried Zucchini Blossoms.  I must find zucchini blossoms.

Favorite Spin:  Watermelon, Feta and Balsamic “Pizzas.”  Instead of a side salad…

Favorite Update:  Pineapple Bedding. I am dying over this bedding.  It makes me want to update the guest bedroom.  (Pretend you didn’t read that, Big Guy.)

Favorite Summer:  Whipped Feta-Ricotta with Shaved Zucchini, Grilled Corn and Chimichurri Vinaigrette.  How gorgeous is this bowl of food?  I need it in my life.

Favorite Studs:  “anyway you slice it” earrings.  These just make me smile.

Favorite Flavors:  Heirloom Potato Salad.  Anything involving roasted fennel and bacon is good in my book.

Favorite Vegetarian:  Spinach-Artichoke Enchiladas.  One of my favorite appetizer dips turned into a healthy entree.

Favorite In Season:  Blueberry-Thyme Pie Bars.   This is why I’m going to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning.

Favorite Splurge:  Strut Your Stuff pouch.  How perfect is this to hold my lip gloss/lip stick/chapstick?


Favorite Cocktail:  Blueberry Salty Dog.   It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

And now it’s apparent that I’m obsessing over flamingos and blueberries this week.



3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks for the pie bar love! Enjoy your free weekend. And that pineapple bedding. Oh my gosh I’ve never wanted anything more in my life!

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