Ultimate Smoothie Bowl

I almost titled this post “The Weekend That Took Three Days to Recover.”

It’s Wednesday and I’m finally feeling normal after our weekend.  But it was totally worth it.

I haven’t had so much fun in our hometown as I did this past weekend.

You might recognize these two from Sonoma.  Well they came back into town as our guests for Member-Guest weekend at the country club and let’s just say we think we started an annual tradition.

I spent the weekend laughing and playing (and drinking) with some of my favorite people in the world.

But I’ve always said that life is about balance.  So to make up for the mimosa that I had on Friday morning (and all the bubbles I drank the rest of the weekend)…

We enjoyed Ultimate Smoothie Bowls for dinner on Monday night.

I felt healthier just making this bowl of goodness.  And even though it’s super healthy, it’s also super filling.

That’s the best part of a smoothie bowl – there’s some bulk in there and it takes you longer to eat.

The base of the smoothie is almond milk, frozen banana chunks, frozen berries, protein powder and peanut butter.

And on top of the smoothie you’ll find all the good stuff – granola, berries, chia seeds and banana slices.

Detoxing never tasted so good.


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