Veggie Tostadas

I hate throwing away food.  And because I hate throwing away food, corn tortillas seem to annoy me.

They come in packs of like 60.  Okay, not really – I’m exaggerating.  But I never need all, usually not even half, for a recipe.  So I find myself needing to use them up.

And I found the perfect solution to having excess corn tortillas:  tostadas.

Come to find out, tostadas originated from the need to use tortillas that weren’t fresh enough for tacos. (Learn something new every day.)


First, warm up your tortillas.  I used a cast iron skillet to get them crisped and browned.  If you’re using flour tortillas, the broil setting on your oven would work.  I find that corn tortillas curl too much in the oven.  The base of the Veggie Tostadas is refried beans mixed with salsa (the recipe called for enchilada sauce, but the salsa verde I had in the fridge worked like a charm).

And on top of the beans, anything and everything!  Seriously…it couldn’t be easier.

Our tostadas were topped with sliced avocado, feta cheese, chopped tomatoes, green onions and pickled jalapenos.  But go wild!  And use what you have on hand.

By the way, I forget how much I like refried beans.

Is there an ingredient that you buy and never use up?


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