Chicken Salad in Lettuce Cups

I love chicken salad.  But I’m picky about my chicken salad.

Too healthy and it’s just not very tasty (aka – all the mayo is taken out of the recipe).

Too much mayo and it’s just not very tasty (because well, too much mayo).

But when you find the perfect balance, all is right in the world.

Using equal amounts of Greek yogurt and mayo plus a little bit of vinegar is the perfect balance.  And the use of rotisserie chicken means this chicken salad couldn’t be easier to pull together.

chicken salad cups

Instead of walnuts, I used cashews.  I love cashews and they add the perfect amount of nuttiness to the mix.  (I also didn’t have any walnuts on hand.)

And instead of dried cherries, I used golden raisins.  I adore dried fruit in my chicken salad and the golden raisins added an amazing burst of sweetness to each bite.  (Craisins would also work great!  Or dried blueberries…)

Green onions added great flavor without being too harsh and taking over – especially in the leftovers.  As always, I love a hint of freshness and herbiness (totally made that word up) and that’s exactly what the parsley did.  Basil would also be a fantastic addition.

p.s. I made this recipe when Big Guy was out of town and never told him…because I knew he would be super jealous.  He may love chicken salad more than I do.


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