The Montanara Pizza

Have you ever had fried pizza?

And I’m not talking battered and fried – something you would see at a state fair.

I’m talking classic fried Italian pizza.  I’m talking about The Montanara Pizza.  

It’s life changing.

This pizza is actually quite simple.  There’s not a lot of pizza toppings.  But there is homemade crust and homemade sauce.

The sauce is so incredibly good I wanted to eat it with a spoon straight out of the pot.

It also smells amazing.  I felt like an Italian grandmother as the sauce simmered and my crust was rising.

The dough is portioned into four portions and then rolled – make sure you don’t make the crust bigger than your Dutch oven (or whatever skillet you’re using).  The key to frying anything is the accuracy of the temperature of the oil.

Too cold and the dough will soak up all the oil – too hot and the dough will burn.

But when it’s just right, the crusts will cook for a minute on each side and you will have a crispy yet tender crust that you will not soon forget.

The crust is then topped with sauce and mozzarella.  That’s it.

Broiled until the cheese is melted.  And then topped with one last ingredient:  fresh basil.



Best served with a glass of red – because that’s what your Italian grandmother would do.



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