Tapas Date Night

Big Guy and I take date nights very seriously.  Knowing that Big Guy has been wanting to make sangria for a while I thought that having a Spanish-style date night would be fun.  So in addition to our dueling sangrias we also had four different tapas (aka appetizers) instead of an appetizer, main dish and sides.


But first – dueling sangria!  Red Wine Sangria vs. Pineapple Sangria.  Surprisingly I enjoyed the red wine sangria better.  I know – I was shocked, too.  I think if I made the pineapple sangria again, I would use rum instead of brandy as well as using a pinot grigio instead of chardonnay.  For the red sangria, we used a blackberry brandy (totally recommend) and instead of Pomegranate juice, we used a blueberry-pomegranate juice.

Eating the fruit is always the best most dangerous part.

We had a super light lunch on Saturday so we decided to make the more labor-intensive tapas first and serve it by itself with the white sangria.

goat cheese poppers

Goat Cheese Poppers with Honey were by-far the favorite tapas of the night.  Crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet and a little spicy – these little poppers are appetizer perfection.  I literally cannot wait to have guests over so I can make these again.  Goat cheese is “breaded” lightly with flour and panko before being lightly fried.  The poppers are then drizzled with honey and a dusting of crushed red pepper flakes.  Incredibly addictive.  These would also pair fantastically with a sparkling wine or champagne.

The poppers held us over for awhile and when it came time for dinner, we pulled together the other three tapas and enjoyed the rest of the evening outside.  We literally spent all afternoon and evening outside – I don’t even think we turned the t.v. on once.  We chatted, listened to music and just enjoyed the wonderful weather and each other’s company.

Cucumber Canapes with Whipped Feta.

Lamb Skewers with Salsa Verde.

Chorizo-Stuffed Dates with Lemon-Basil Crema.

The cucumber canapes were our least favorite.

The lamb skewers were awesome!  For the salsa verde, I used cilantro instead of mint and I highly recommend that switch.  Such bright, bold flavors.  This was our second favorite tapas of the night.

I loved the dates – but I actually loved the lemon-basil the most out of this tapas.  The chorizo wasn’t spicy enough and the sweetness of the dates kind of overpowered the rest of the small bite.  I was craving that sweet-savoring combo and it ended up being more sweet than anything else.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we had Saturday night.

The food, the drink, the company – it was a perfect date night in.




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