Friday Favorites

May Day!  Can you believe it’s here?  It is and it’s a busy month.  But I love May.  The warmer days, cooler nights, flowers and gardens.  And when we don’t have plans (which we kind of have too many right now) we are planning to enjoy those lovely aspects of May.  Big Guy is really looking forward to a Saturday afternoon on the back deck.

To kick off May, here are some of my favorites from the week:

Favorite Wake-Up:  Vietnamese Iced Coffee.  When we were in San Fran I had a Vietnamese coffee at The Slanted Door and I immediately was hooked.  But make it iced?  How perfect for the warmer days of May.

Favorite Read:  Why Everyone Should Chill Red Wine Wines for Outdoor Drinking.  I know there are some people cringing right now.  But I can get on board with the reasoning.

Favorite Bundt:  Banana Pineapple Cake.  I plan on baking this very soon so that I can display it in my cake stand.  It drives me crazy when it’s empty.

Favorite Twist:  Tomato and Egg Breakfast Pizza.  Pizza for breakfast?  Yes, please.  Especially now that Big Guy is on board with the whole “runny yolk” thang.  Would it be too much to add a mimosa on the side?

Favorite Comfort:  Chicken and Dumplings.  Chicken Dumplings vs.  Chicken Pastry.  Which side are you on?  Big Guy and I are on different teams.

Favorite From Scratch:  Homemade Bagels.  I used to adore bagels (hello, I still adore bagels) but I just don’t find myself eating them very often.  Making them at home would give me the perfect excuse to indulge in #allthecarbs .

Favorite Light:  Brown Rice Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Lime Dipping Sauce.  The textures!  The color!  The freshness!  Yes. Yes. Yes.  And we can’t overlook that sauce.

Favorite Truth:  

Favorite Crave:  Pineapple Sangria.  Big Guy has been talking about sangria for weeks so I think it’s high-time I make that sangria happen.  Though I wish I had a pineapple from Miami…

Happy May Day!





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