Chocolate and Espresso Layer Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

There are no words for this cake.  

It’s everything you want in a chocolate cake and more.

It’s rich and sweet but not overly sweet, thanks to the espresso.  (And don’t worry, Marlo, it doesn’t taste like coffee at all!)

And there’s actually quite a lot of texture – especially with the peanuts on top.

And the frosting…my favorite part.

Cream cheese + peanut butter.  I’m done.  My life is complete.

But I can’t lie.  The cake takes a little time.

I actually baked the cake the evening before I planned on eating the cake.  That gave the cake the opportunity to fully cool before I wrapped it up tightly and stored it in the fridge.

The next morning, I pulled out all the ingredients for the frosting to make sure they were at room temperature.

I could not wait to dig into a slice.

I was pretty impressed since I’m more of a cook and not the skilled at baking.

Not that it matters, but it was worth every.single.calorie.




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