Weekend Review {SoCo, Chapel Hill and basil x 5}

Good morning!

{image via instagram}

On Friday night we went to our favorite little spot in the country for dinner.  They had a new menu (a new one debuts every month) and Friday night was the only night we could make it work before it changes again (when did we get so busy?).

I started off our dinner at SoCo with bubbles – I don’t think I need to explain that decision.  This menu was awesome!

Roasted garlic-potato purée, wheat berries, Holly Grove Farms goat cheese, dry-cured olives, shaved sweet onion, herbs, and deep-fried SoCo farm egg


Crispy NC Pork torchon, pimento cheese grits, sweet kale, and red wine gastrique


Moroccan-style Chicken Pastry with SoCo Farm Chicken, herbed dumplings, golden raisins, and almonds


Bittersweet Chocolate SoCo Farm Duck Egg Pot de Creme with Italian meringue

My favorite course of the night was actually the dessert – which is really unusual – I’m a savory girl all the way.  But when Jeremy has two chocolate desserts on the menu – you know you’re in for a treat.  My favorite pairing of the night was the entree.  The wine that Kim chose to go with the chicken pastry was perfect.  And the dish that intrigued me the most was the crispy pork torchon – the grits were amazing.

Saturday started early with a sweat session at the gym before coming home and getting ready for the day.  First stop, sushi!

I ordered a seaweed salad, the roll of the month and fresh NC Bluefin that literally just came out of the water.  So good – I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of sushi.

On Saturday evening we met up with Big Guy’s sister who is a senior at UNC to take her out for dinner and drinks.  A good time was had by all and Sarah and I enjoyed quite a few Elderflower Sours.

Let’s just say that I totally felt my age on Sunday morning.  I can’t hang like I used to!

We had such a fun night out with Sarah and her friends and I am so thankful to have the best sister-in-laws.

Sunday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing.

But Big Guy did start our Spring plantings and I know have a basil garden!  He made a spot just for an assortment of basil including Thai basil(!!!), sweet basil, cinnamon basil (say what?), purple basil, and spicy globe basil.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing lots of basil in the coming weeks.

I hope your Monday is short and your coffee is strong!


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