Sautéed Dates {and my favorite hour}

Spring just might finally be here to stay.

Crisp, cool mornings.

Warm, sunny evenings.

And my favorite hour in the springtime is “appy” hour.

It typically happens on Friday and/or Saturday night and it’s the perfect way to unwind from the week.

No stress.  No worries.

Just a glass of bubbles, my favorite guy, and an appetizer.

A couple of weekends ago (when Spring was teasing us) we were able to sneak in an “appy” hour on the back deck.  And dare I say that it was one of my favorite “appy” hour spreads to date.

Blueberry goat cheese (a Trader Joes must-have items), crackers, a blue cheese for Big Guy and sauteed dates with Greek yogurt.

You heard me right – sauteed dates and Greek yogurt.

When I first saw this recipe I was incredibly intrigued.  I love dates (especially stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon) and could only dream that they would be as luscious sauteed.

And they are.

A small amount of olive oil is warmed on the stove-top before adding in the dates.  They are sauteed a few minutes (making sure to turn to prevent burning) before being sprinkled with flaky sea salt.  I served the sauteed dates with 2% Greek yogurt drizzled with the olive oil from sauteing the dates.

Salty, sweet and incredibly luscious.

And the perfect match for a sparkling glass of champagne.




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