minced beef with bok choy and fried egg

Other title options:  

“Drops instead of Drizzle”

“Drops of Sriracha”

“At least there were chopsticks.”

All of that to say that I wish I had drizzled the little extra sriracha on top instead of what actually occurred.

Regardless of the drop vs drizzle decision that will forever haunt me, eating a rice bowl for dinner is always a good idea.

And the chop sticks were a good idea until I got to the end of the bowl and I couldn’t use the “scoop” method.  Thankfully Big Guy was prepared for that and had a fork waiting for me.

This dinner comes together in a flash (most stir-fries do) so make sure to prep ALL your ingredients first.  Also, make sure you rice is always finished cooking before you even think to turn on the stove top to cook the beef.

Ground beef (aka minced beef – I hate that term) is sauteed with garlic and then flavored with a mixture of sugar, Thai chile paste, fish sauce and soy sauce (or tamari).  The ground beef is then removed from the skillet and the bok choy (I couldn’t find baby bok choy so I used Mama bok choy and simply cut it a little smaller) is added to the same skillet and sauteed until tender.  Remove the bok choy and cook up your eggs.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of this “fried egg” thing.  It’s all about a good fitting lid and timing.  Timing is key.

All the elements are served together in a rice bowl with a little extra drizzle of Sriracha for good measure.


So whether you drizzle or drop, a beef rice bowl with an egg on top is delicious.  Spicy yet tame and tons of texture.


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