Friday Favorites

We made it another week!  I don’t know about you – but this week was a busy week and I’m glad to have a fun weekend ahead.  Come 5pm, I hope my biggest worries consist of whether the rain will ruin my blowout and what wine to open on Saturday night.  See you guys Monday!

Favorite Dinner:  Thai Beef with Basil.  The flavors in this weeknight dinner sound incredible.  And this recipe reminds me that we need to plant Thai Basil this summer.

Favorite Showstopper:  Candied Citrus Cake.  How gorgeous is this cake?  I cannot get enough citrus lately.

Favorite Devour:  Caramelized Pineapple, Bacon and Goat Cheese Guacamole.  Quite possibly the most trashed up guac ever.  And I love it.

Favorite Wake-Up:  Bodyweight Lower Body Workout.  I typically hit the gym on Saturday mornings fairly early.  But sometimes I enjoy sleeping in and this is a great at-home workout that requires no equipment.

Favorite Spring:  Lemon Almond Roast Chicken Salad.  I love all the things about this simple, southern chicken salad.  Especially the addition of crunchy almonds.

Favorite Sip:  Simple Coconut Green Smoothie.  Drinking one of these in the morning would transport you to a tropical island.  If only I could really transport myself right now.

Favorite “Appy” Hour:  Port-Cooked Mushroom Bruschetta with Brie. The most perfect little bite for entertaining with.  Or for eating at home with your husband.

Favorite Flavors:  Meyer Lemon and Honey Roasted Fennel. This is the kind of side dish that steals all the attention from the main dish.

Favorite Bite:  Dark Chocolate Key Lime Pie Truffles.  Key Lime Pie is a favorite of my Momma’s.  I might just need to make a batch of these Easter weekend.

Favorite “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”:  Spicy Cucumber Margaritas.  A pitcher of these and a batch of the guac that I mentioned earlier and you’d have yourself one heck of a Saturday.

Have the best weekend ever.


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. OMG it has been over two weeks since I’ve read your blog (crazy busy) and I’ve been going through withdrawals! I’m thinking that chicken salad and those truffles need to make an appearance at a certain someones baby shower coming up soon!!!

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