black bean cakes with greens + eggs {plus what I’m reading now}

Dinner doesn’t have to be elaborate to be healthy and delicious.

A can of beans is easily transformed in under 20 minutes into a lovely black bean cake.  Your food processor is a huge time savor for pulsing the black beans with an egg and a little canola oil.  To the bean mixture, add Panko (I used a gluten-free Panko), green onions, parsley (I didn’t have any cilantro), cumin, a little salt, a little red pepper and lots of garlic.

The bean mixture is then shaped into patties and dredged through a little more Panko before being pan fried in canola oil.

While the black bean cakes were cooking, I cooked an egg over medium heat, covered, for about 4 minutes for the most perfect runny yolk.  If you’re not a fan of runny yolks, cook the egg a little longer.  (p.s. I finally learned that you don’t have to flip the egg to cook the whites – covering the pan is such a brilliant – yet “duh” worthy – idea.)

Along with the black bean cake + egg, a simple salad of arugula and parsley that is dressed with an incredibly easy mixture of olive oil, lime juice, mustard, salt and pepper.

And since dinner took no time at all, you have more time to hang outside and read a good book.

I am so happy to be back on the reading train.  I’m not sure when I fell off the train but I just started reading Jodi Picoult’s new book Leaving Time and it’s a good one.

What book are you currently reading?


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