ginger steak + sesame rice + chili-basil slaw

Our first dinner al fresco for 2015!  And it was glorious.  My mood is about 87 times more pleasant than the past three weeks now that we have warmer temps and sunshine.  Not even the chance of rain can bring my spirits down.

All three components of this dinner come together in under 45 minutes (less if you use quick-cooking rice) and the flavors are fantastic.

ginger steak

The sirloin steak is marinated for about 15 minutes in a combination of soy sauce (I used gluten-free tamari), garlic, ginger and pepper.  I was pretty aggressive and made double the amount of marinade.  I highly recommend this and also using way more ginger and garlic than the recipe recommends.  I am all about the flavor.  Big Guy was pretty excited to fire up the grill for the first time in quite a while (the last time was for the Super Bowl).  The steak was incredibly tender and perfectly cooked to medium-rare.

chili basil slaw

The chili-basil slaw is what convinced me to put this on the dinner menu.  I had three/fourths of a head of napa cabbage and I wasn’t about to throw it away.  I also had some shredded carrot in the fridge and so it was as if it was meant to be.  A simple dressing of rice vinegar, sweet chili sauce, sesame oil, and soy sauce (or tamari) was tossed with the veggies.  I allowed these to marinate until it was time to eat.

sesame rice

And to round out the plate, jazzed up brown rice.  I used brown jasmine rice and once it was cooked, fluffed in black sesame seeds and sesame oil and topped with a hefty sprinkling of green onions.  (The recipe doesn’t call for salt but I highly recommend added just a smidge – I ended up doing this post-plating).

All together now!  By the way, a trick I use to make me thinking I’m eating more – use a salad plate as your dinner plate.

Bright, vibrant slaw, nutty rice and super flavorful steak.

The first of many dinners eaten al fresco.



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