Peppery Shrimp with Grits and Greens

It doesn’t quite get more Southern than shrimp ‘n grits.

Complete Southern comfort food.

And sometimes comfort food isn’t all that healthy – which isn’t always a bad thing – but sometimes you want to feel really good while eating something that could be really bad for you.

Peppery Shrimp with Grits and Greens has all the flavor you desire with a lot less fat and calories.

By using quick-cooking grits, dinner can be on the table in no time.  The key to this recipe is cheese and black pepper – freshly cracked, if possible.

Instead of water, the grits are cooked in 2% milk making them even more creamy and dreamy.  And then the cheese gets thrown in and it’s like heaven.

Grits heaven.

For the mustard greens, I used diced red onion instead of green onions because I didn’t realize my green onions had wilted on me.  I love the flavor of the red onion so I loved this little switcharoo.

My mustard greens required a little more salt than the recipe called for.  Cooked greens require salt.

It’s an unwritten rule.

Peppery shrimp + wilted greens + cheesy grits = Southern Comfort Food


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