The Black House at Straw Valley {restaurant review}

SoCo is hands-down one of our favorites restaurants.  I’ve raved about the food and the atmosphere and the wine more than once and it’s a place we frequent quite regularly.  So regularly that we’ve become good friends with the owners/chef.  Being friends with restaurant owners can be a little tricky.  Our time away from the office is when their slaving away and when they have a few moments of down time, it’s a typical work day for Big Guy and me.  For months we’ve talked about trying their favorite restaurant together and we finally made time to go.  On Sunday evening we headed to dinner at The Black House at Straw Valley with Jeremy and Kimberly for an incredible night of wine and food.

black house

The Black House offers a truly unique fine dining experience in a mid century home comprised of several small, intimate rooms.  The space was originally the private residence of Robert Black and Ormond Sanderson, artisans who lived and worked here from the late 50s through the early 90s. Mid century style is evident throughout the dining room and artwork from both artists hangs on the walls.

Executive Chef and owner Adam Rose’s menu features New American cuisine using fresh, seasonal ingredients from nearby farms and providers.

We left the wine decisions up to Kimberly and Jeremy took the lead on the food.

The Black House is the perfect place to order lots of plates and share with the table.  We were able to try so much food without ever feeling too full.

To start, we ordered a couple of salads (the guys didn’t quite understand this – but it made us ladies feel better), a pasta dish and bone marrow.  The beet salad and the bone marrow were out of this world (and regrettably I don’t have pictures of our first round of food).

A bottle of wine later, it was time to share more food.  




a standout pasta dish with lots of fresh garlic, basil and pine nuts along with fresh, local sausage

fried fish

fried fish unlike any fried fish i’ve ever tasted.  the sauce was incredible.


wok fried spinach (with lots of garlic) and roasted mushrooms


chateaubriand – sliced foie gras torchon with sauternes reduction

Everything was delicious with flavors that I’m still thinking about.  Two of my favorite dishes were the mushrooms (I literally woke up on Monday morning thinking about them) and the beef with foie gras.  The beef was cooked to perfection and the foie gras was silky and rich.

We decided to share a couple of desserts to end on a sweet note.

cheese plate

cheese plate

key lime

key lime pie

I beg you to visit The Black House – it’s a food experience that will stay with you for awhile.

We are already planning our return for a warmer weekend so that we can sip wine in their outside seating area.


Cheers!  To good friends, juicy wines and unforgettable bites of food.


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