Beef Chorizo Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

I could use a warm beach.

And a margarita.

But I don’t think either of those things are happening this week so go ahead and make yourself Beef Chorizo Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and while eating said tacos, daydream about a warm beach in Cabo and a margarita in your hand.

This taco recipe takes typical ground beef and amps it up to a chorizo-esque flavor.  Chorizo, a pork sausage, it typically high in fat and can be very greasy.  (Though delicious and adds so much flavor even in small amounts.)  By using lean group beef and adding white vinegar, olive oil, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper you are able to change the entire flavor profile.

For those of you that might think some of the recipes I choose are difficult/too time consuming – this is NOT one of those recipes.  This is a 25 minutes or less kind of dinner and it’s incredibly easy.  In fact, Cooking Light featured this recipe in the latest edition including step-by-step instructions for those that aren’t as comfortable in the kitchen.

First thinly slice your cabbage and chop the cilantro.  In a bowl, mix together the vinegar and olive oil plus a little salt and add the cabbage and cilantro.  Toss and set aside.

Brown your beef (or ground turkey or ground chicken) in a large skillet.  Once browned (about 5 minutes), add in the all the seasonings.  Allow to simmer.

While the beef is simmering away, warm your tortillas.  I warmed mine in a small cast iron skillet since I don’t have gas burners in my kitchen.  This worked like a charm.

That’s it.

Dinner is ready.

In each taco shell, stuff in a little of the meat and top with the bright cabbage and cilantro.  I also added a squeeze of fresh lime juice to our tacos and I would recommend adding some Greek yogurt or sour cream.  These tacos needed a little something-something and I think that or some fresh avocado would be amazing.

About that margarita…


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