Chicken and Basil Rice Bowl with Peanuts

Big Guy thinks he’s the King of rice making these days.

I’m not really sure who’s he’s King of but I’m guessing he’s trying to tell me that he makes better rice than I do.

I beg to differ.  But we’ll save that domestic dispute for another day.

I can say that Big Guy helped tremendously with getting our Chicken and Basil Rice Bowls on the table last Wednesday night.

I simply prepped all the ingredients possible (chopping the bell peppers, pulling out the ingredients from the pantry, etc.) and had the recipe sitting next to the cutting board.

And what do you know, I walked in the door that evening and he had prepped the remaining ingredients, prepared the rice perfect rice, and all we had to do was cook the chicken and bring the dish together.

I adore rice bowls and we simply don’t eat them enough.  Especially now that I’m married to the Rice King.

I loved how the basil perfumed the entire dish and my favorite bites included crunchy peanuts and the lime-scented rice.

I used chicken thighs which gave the dish so much more flavor than chicken breasts (I know there are some chicken thigh haters out there…and well, I’m sorry).

So good!  Carbs, check!  Veggies, check!  Protein, check!  Flavor and deliciousness, check!



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