Toast Week {day 1}

According to Webster, there are five meanings to the word “toast.”  But this week we’re talking about the first definition:

1. a :  sliced bread browned on both sides by heat

    b :  food prepared with toasted bread

Toast is such a simple food.  But it’s incredibly versatile.  And when I posted a picture of my breakfast a couple of weeks ago on Instagram I was surprised at the positive reaction to a simple picture of toast.

So this week I’m sharing with you five days of toast.  You can eat it for breakfast or lunch or dinner.  Not only is toast easy to assemble – simply toast and top – but it’s also cheap, especially when you use ingredients that you have in your kitchen.  But don’t stress over the recipes because there really isn’t a recipe.  Instead, think about what you have on hand and what combinations your taste buds would enjoy.

Mix and match.

Make it yours.

{toasted Udi’s gluten free bread, smashed avocado with salt, and a quartered hardboiled egg. plus a sprinkle of pepper}


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