West African Peanut Soup

Last Friday I claimed West African Peanut Soup as my “Favorite Spoonful.”  And not five minutes after the post went “live” I received an email from my husband (Big Guy) asking if “peanut soup” could be our Monday night dinner.  Never in a million years would I have imagined myself receiving emails from Big Guy requesting a vegetarian soup for dinner.  A.) While he always eats the vegetarian meals I serve, I know that his favorite dinners typically involve animal products.  B.)  Soup isn’t something he ever requests.

So guess what was on the menu for Monday night.  If you guessed “peanut soup,” you’re correct!  I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip by as I’ve been flirting with West African Peanut Soup/Stew recipes for a couple of years and I never quite found the right recipe.

This particular recipe is actually quite simple though it brings together three ingredients you would never expect to be in a recipe together.  Peanut butter.  Tomato paste.  Collards.  I should also note that two of those three ingredients are two of Big Guys favorite things:  peanuts and collards.

But the ingredients work together in the most creamy and comforting way possible.

The soup is incredibly thick and filling and is best served over a bed of rice with a sprinkle of crunchy peanuts on top for a little texture.  And Big Guy has now deemed this the “best vegetarian” meal I’ve prepared EVER.  That’s saying something.  And he even asked if I could make it again.  (Maybe next year, honey.)

The flavors are incredible thanks to the addition of ginger, garlic and Sriracha.  Oh, and peanut butter (all.the.peanut.butter.).

And yes, the elephant background was totally planned.


4 thoughts on “West African Peanut Soup

  1. I,too, am shocked with Big Guy’s request. I printed this recipe out from your favorite’s to share with a vegetarian friend. After my your review and Big Guy’s comments.. it is on our calendar for the end of the month.

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