Happy Birthday, Big Guy! {32}

It’s not so bad having more than one reason to celebrate.  Happy Birthday, my love!

And while I wish I could tell you that I have something absolutely fantastic planned for his 32nd birthday celebration, I can’t.  Instead, he’s taking me out to dinner for an amazing 6-course dinner with our best friends.

But I can tell you that Big Guy deserves celebrating for more than I can name.  Big Guy is not only my husband and best friend but he’s the taster of anything and everything that I cook.  He’s the guy that lets the weather determine what he drinks (Makers if it’s cold, Tito’s if it’s warm).  He is quite handsome in a bow tie but he is most comfortable in his flip-flops, old fishing t-shirts, and Aftco shorts.  He’s the life of the party.  And the first one to say something inappropriate.  And he’ll call you out if you’re being aggressive.  He has a heart the size of Texas and Elf makes him cry at the end.  He’s the biggest kid I know and his favorite holidays are Christmas and the 4th of July.  He’s obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch shoes (not for himself, obviously).  He refuses to wear cologne and he’ll only use bar soap.  He’s the hardest worker I know and he works endless hours during the week so that we can enjoy weekends together.  He’s the head of our little household but he lets me be in charge of the kitchen.  He makes sure our yard is always the best looking in the neighborhood and he isn’t afraid to pull me outside and make me walk across the street to see his good work.  He melts my heart when he’s with Haines and Deacon (our niece and nephew) and I love that my family loves him as much as they love me.

Basically, he’s the best.

And he’s all mine.

And while we celebrate his birthday, we also celebrate the past year.  It’s been a fun one!


Raleigh date nights.

Hosting a luau.

Celebrating our 1-year anniversary at The Fearrington.

Kentucky Derby at the Club.

Ocean Isle Beach trips.

Spontaneous Savannah.

Fire in the Triangle.


Lots of cooking.

Pirate football.



And more wine.  (even red wine.)

2014 was an amazing year.  And I can’t wait to see what 2015 (and 32!) has in store for us.


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