#bakeitforward {chewy chocolate chunk coconut oatmeal cookies}

For the next week or so, I can guarantee I’ll be baking something at any given point if I’m at home.  After work next week, I’ll be baking a cake for Big Guy’s barber.  I’ll also need to whip something up for the owner of the local dry cleaners (a.k.a. Big Guy’s best friend).  Oh, and all my 5 a.m. friends at the gym?  They’ll get something, too.

But the thing is – I LOVE IT.  I love to show people how much I care through food.

And guess what?  It doesn’t matter if you’re the best baker in the world.  TRUST ME.  I cook – I’m not a baker.  But I’ve found a few trusty recipes that I turn to this time of the year because I know they won’t let me down.

Last night I baked the”famous” bundt cake for the sweet, sweet lady that cleans our house.  I never shared the recipe but I made at least 12 of them last year in a two-week span.  Sure, it uses a boxed cake mix but you fancy it up and make it something special.  Instead of frosting, you dust the top with powdered sugar making it the perfect cake to “travel” with.

And if you’d rather make cookies, Chewy Chocolate Chunk Coconut Oatmeal Cookies were a hit at the cookie swap we had at work on Monday.  (I turned to this recipe after my first attempt at lace cookies that turned horrific.)  Coconut butter not only adds to the coconut flavor but it makes them chewy even when their cooled.  Studded with chocolate chunks and flakes of coconut, the only thing these cookies are missing is a big glass of cold milk.

So my challenge for you over the next few days is to #bakeitforward to someone who isn’t expecting anything from.

#bakeitforward to your neighbor who might be spending the holidays alone.

#bakeitforward to your child’s teacher.

#bakeitforward to someone who simply needs a little something sweet in their life this time of year.



One thought on “#bakeitforward {chewy chocolate chunk coconut oatmeal cookies}

  1. Such a sweet, thoughtful lady! That chocolate chip bundt cake is the exact recipe that I use when I make what we call our “chocolate chip pound cake”. Love it!!!

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