Eating / like a Queen.  We have had some epic meals in the past few weeks.  Chef and the Farmer, Wine Dinner with our wine club – Friends of the Vine, and SoCo.

Drinking / more red wine…but in the form of Apple Cider Sangria with Champs.  And it was amazing and will be on the Thanksgiving menu.  The end.

Practicing / Pilates.  I know I said this last time but it’s something that I’ve grown to love more and more.  Now I just need to learn to shut my brain off during this class.  Oh, and while I’m home for Christmas I plan on signing up for another barre class (Mags, you in?) which incorporates a lot if Pilates-inspired exercises.

Mastering / the deletion of emails.  Seriously.  I don’t know how people can stare at an inbox with 619 unopened items.  Delete the trash, answer the mail, and move on.

Learning / that we can’t do it all.  Our November was absolutely insane.  Plans every.single.weekend. and it was down right exhausting.  I need to build “nights of nothingness” into at least one or two Friday or Saturday nights each month.

Trying / to buy the perfect present for those on my list.  I absolutely love buying and giving gifts.

Playing / with friends!  It was a blast having Natalie here for the weekend and I’m looking forward to more visitors this weekend.

Finishing / my To-Do List.  I love checking items off a list.

Reading / recipes.  This time of year is one of my favorites times of the year to cook.  Now if I could only decide which recipes I want to try…

Remembering / to give thanks always.  I love Christmas more than any other holiday but I’m actually a little annoyed that Thanksgiving is getting less and less attention.

Wearing / warm clothes.  Where did fall go?

Cooking / duck on Sunday.  I guess you could say this was on Big Guy’s Bucket List for this season.

Working / on creating a menu for the weekend.  Yes, everything I do does revolve around food.

Traveling / to see family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Wanting / to not only live close to family but also our friends.  Growing up isn’t always fun.


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