Spinach and Feta Quiche with Quinoa Crust

I try to come up with a meal plan on Sundays based on our plans for the week.  Every week is different around here – some weeks I only prepare one or two true dinners, other weeks it is four.  How do I meal plan, you ask?  I cozy up on the couch (or hunch over the island in the kitchen) with a magazine or two plus my 3-ring binder filled with this years Cooking Light recipes that I just haven’t had time to cook and just start to flip through the pages.

Meal Planning Rules:

  • Most Mondays are vegetarian/meatless days.  I think it’s a good way to “detox” from the weekend and to start the week off right.
  • I try not to cook dinner with the same protein in the same week.  I truly believe that variety is the spice of life.  If we have pork on Tuesday, I won’t be cooking with it again that week.
  • There must be a veggie component in every dinner.
  • If I have to buy an ingredient that I’ll only be using part of – I try to find another recipe to utilize what’s remaining.
  • Similar to the second rule, I try not to serve the same grain twice in the same week.  For example – I rarely serve rice twice a week.

So this past Sunday, I pulled out my magazines and I started flipping.  When I came across Spinach and Feta Quiche with Quinoa Crust I looked to Big Guy for approval and once I got the thumbs-up, it immediately went on “the menu” for Monday’s dinner.

The recipe is simple but I would suggest making the quinoa in advance.  I actually went ahead and prepared a batch of quinoa on Sunday afternoon so that on Monday I wouldn’t have to wait for the quinoa to cool.  Bonus:  I have extra quinoa left over for lunches this week.

Though the recipe requires some time, it doesn’t require a lot of labor.

When you’re ready to make dinner, combine the cooked quinoa with 1 egg and pepper.  This mixture is pressed into a pie pan and baked.

While the crust is baking, saute the onion (I used red onion – which I highly recommend for this recipe) and the spinach.  Also, prepare your quiche base – eggs, milk, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.

Once the crust is pre-baked, arrange the spinach-onion mixture inside the crust and then pour the egg mixture on top.  Sprinkle on the feta cheese and baked until set.

I was impressed at how well the quinoa crust held up against the quiche.  The perfect gluten-free alternative to your typical quiche crust.  I loved the addition of the red onion and I wish I had added more red pepper flakes.  Another idea:  Add a tablespoon or two of grated Parmesan to the quinoa crust mixture – I found the flavor to be a little lacking and I wanted more cheesiness.

How do you meal plan?




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