Cabernet Braised Short Rib Beef Stew

Sunday evenings require comfort food.  Sunday evenings with your family at your childhood home really require comfort food.

When Big Guy and I decided that we would head to back to my hometown for a couple of nights we knew we wanted to cook the family dinner.  And who doesn’t love beef stew?  (don’t answer that if you’re a vegetarian)

On our way into town, we stopped by the butcher shop and picked up the beef and a couple of bottles of wine for the evening and after saying our “hellos” we got to work in the kitchen.

The beef takes at least 2 hours of braising before you even begin making the stew and I think our beef could have used a little extra time.

All the usual suspects are simmered with the beef including potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, and onions (we left out the carrots because of my Momma’s allergy).  The warm bowl of goodness is topped with parsley (which my entire family decided was only there for the picture) for a little green and freshness.

And you must serve the stew with crusty bread.

It’s a requirement.

The glass of wine on the side – that’s optional.  Though I highly recommend it.


And just to make your heart flutter, here’s a picture of my new nephew who totally stole my heart the past few days.  Don’t worry – there is still plenty of room in my heart for my favorite niece.  She was too busy singing “Let it go” from Frozen, dancing like a ballerina and eating frosting off cupcakes for me to catch any pictures of her.


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