Pumpkin and White Bean Soup with Sage Pesto

Fall is here to stay.  The cold weather has set in and I am all about warm food.  And drinks.


Last week I found myself with a few extra minutes after lunch and before heading to a meeting, so I grabbed a vanilla roobios tea from Starbucks.  Just the smell of the tea relaxed me a bit.  I snapped this pic in my car while listening to Taylor Swift’s new album.  Yep, I’m a total cliche.

Back to the warm food – SOUP!  

Like I’ve mentioned before, I can’t eat soup during the summer.  (Unless it’s a chilled, strawberry soup – mmmmmm….)  I’m already sweating in August so why add to the warmth?

But come November, bring on the hot dinners.  I actually decided to put soup on the weekly menu last week because I had an almost full box of chicken stock in the fridge and I hate throwing away food.  I also had pumpkin and white beans in the pantry, so it was meant to be.  (oh, you could totally make this vegetarian by using veggie stock instead of chicken.)

Just like it was meant to be that my red cup matched my scarf.

I deviated from the recipe a little bit and used canned light coconut milk instead of 2% milk and I forgot to grab spinach at the store so I used extra basil and sage for the pesto.  Also in the pesto, I used pecans instead of pine nuts.

This soup was creamy yet hearty and full of fall flavors.

In fact, I think this is what fall tastes like.  Warmth from the cumin and a little heat from the red pepper.  Nuttiness and earthiness from the sage and pecans.  And the perfect amount of sweetness from the pumpkin and coconut milk.

You could totally serve this as a first course for a holiday meal or a dinner party.  It tastes elegant!

The soup comes together quite fast and can be made in advance if you do want to serve this to guests – but prepare the pesto as close to serving as possible because it browns.

Fall, I’m learning to love you.


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