Spanish Chicken and Rice with Saffron Cream

I look at a lot of recipes.  And while I bookmark quite a few and make a mental note to return to recipes, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  But sometimes I see a recipe and it stays in the back of my mind (unlike cinnamon rolls that stayed in the front of my mind all day, every day until I finally made them).

Spanish Chicken and Rice with Saffron Cream is one of those recipes that I skimmed over and I just couldn’t shake the idea of making it for dinner.  Finally, after a few weeks of considering putting it on my weekly menu, I wrote it in pen on our menu for the week last Sunday.  I had some chicken thighs in the freezer that needed to be used, so the timing was perfect.

But I have to be honest, I had my hesitations.  The reviews of the recipe weren’t earth-shattering and Big Guy’s taste buds haven’t quite warmed up to olives like mine.  But I decided to go for it – if it was awful, we had plenty of leftovers in the fridge.

spanish chicken

And while the end result was delicious, it wasn’t my favorite recipe.  Especially considering the amount of dirty dishes and the prep that was involved.  But what I can’t quite grasp is why the flavors were lacking.

I used chicken thighs for maximum flavor, I cooked not only the chicken in the leftover chorizo renderings but also the onion and I added extra garlic.  Perhaps my saffron needs to be replaced with a newer bottle – but dang, for the price of saffron it should last in the pantry.

What I did love about this dish:  how amazing the chorizo and onions made the house small and the pops of green peas in every bite.  I also adored the brininess of the green olives.  It’s such a unique flavor – one I think you either love or hate.  (For the record, Big Guy ate the olives.)  I also thought that the consistency of the dish was spot-on.  Creamy but with lots of textures from the various ingredients.

And yes, the above is everything we talked about while eating.  We don’t really get to the “how was your day?” conversations because we’re too busy talking about the food we’re eating.

So would I make this dish again, probably not.  It was simply too much work and not enough flavor in the end result.  Do I think I made a mistake?  Nope.  But I would have never known how the dish would turn out had I not put it on our menu for the week.

You might be asking, “So if this isn’t your favorite, why are you sharing?” and my answer:

Not all recipes are “OMG, this is the best thing evvvvver!!!!” recipes.  But it’s fun to experiment with textures and flavors.

Especially when the kitchen brings you comfort after a long day at work.


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