Chili-Cheese Mac

In the mood for some carbs and cheese?

I thought you’d say “yes.”

Sometimes a bowl of pasta with meat and cheese is just what you need at the end of a long day.  And the best part, it was ready in under thirty minutes.


To be honest, this dish reminded me of old-school Hamburger Helper.  Don’t act like you haven’t eaten the boxed dinner.

Except you can actually pronounce every.single.ingredient.  And you don’t need a dictionary to know what you’re eating.

You’ll only dirty two pots for this dish but it’s totally worth doing a little dish washing.  The cheese sauce comes together beautifully and I loved that I didn’t have pre-cook the noodles.

Your husband will love this dish.  And if you have kids, they’ll love it, too.  In reality, I’m sure your dog would love this dinner.

Ground beef + Noodles + Cheese Sauce + spices = Chili-Mac and Cheese

aka, Your dinner tonight.

You’re welcome.


I only made a few changes to the recipe:  I used gluten-free quinoa elbow pasta and I used almond milk instead of skim milk.  Oh, and I used regular sharp cheddar cheese.  Y’all know I don’t believe in reduced-fat cheese.

Eating reduced-fat cheese is a sin in our household.

Chili-Cheese, please?!?!




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