Friday Favorites.

And just like that, it’s October.

It’s been quite the week around here – busy busy busy – but aren’t we always?  And even if we aren’t always busy, we always have fun weekend plans.  That’s what gets me through the “tough” weeks.

Here are my favorites of the week:

Favorite Weeknight Dinner:  Stuffed Turkey Breasts with Butternut Squash and Figs.  How “fall” is this recipe?  And healthy yet full of flavor.  I’m also absolutely loving the addition of sage to recipes – it screams “fall” to me.

Favorite DIY:  A pumpkin ice bucket!  How perfect is this?

Favorite  Stir:  Roasted Sweet Potato Risotto.  Remember all those sweet potatoes I mentioned?  I think they’d be perfect for this recipe and a date night – in.

Favorite Crunch:  Sweet and Salty Bourbon Pecan Caramel Apples and Chocolate Drizzle.   I’m not typically a caramel apple kind of girl.  But the moment I saw these, I wanted one.

Favorite Cozy:  Black pants, gray sweater and a big scarf.

Favorite Obsession:  One-Hour Cinnamon Rolls.  I literally cannot stop thinking about cinnamon rolls.  They must happen in my kitchen soon!

Favorite Stripe:  I was inspired this weekend.  Resulting in me feeling the need to redecorate our living room.  I want this.

Favorite Sip:  Sparkling Blackberry Apple Cider.  The only problem with this drink – it’s a mocktail.  I would totally add “real” bubbles.


Have a great weekend annnnd GO PIRATES!


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